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Livingstone National Park NSW

Client: Department of Environment and Heritage, NSW Date: March - April 2012 Map: Get directions

TrailScapes constructed around 5km of new “green” (easy) shared-used trails in Livingstone National Park, New South Wales in 2012. This project was ground-breaking (literally and figuratively), as it was the first time that a new trail to accommodate mountain bikers was formally built in a NSW National Park.

For this project, TrailScapes constructed a 1000 – 1200mm wide full-bench trail. This process included trail clearing, a great deal of rehabilitation, and rock armouring to ensure a long-lived and durable trail.

Livingstone National Park is a pristine forest environment, and as such, we followed our industry-leading sustainability and environmental operational guidelines to ensure that our trail had minimal impact on the sensitive flora and fauna. All of the vegetation removed throughout the clearing and construction process was subsequently re-used to cover the soil on the sides of the trail, with rice straw used to cover any gaps in the spill.