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Morialta Conservation Park SA

Client: Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) SA Date: Stage 1: May - June 2011 / Stage 2: October 2011 Map: Get directions

The creation of this 900 – 1200mm wide full-bench trail required construction through challenging terrain conditions, including thick olive groves, steep slopes and rocky outcrops. Morialta Conservation Park is an environmentally sensitive site, so TrailScapes provided special care and consideration throughout the design and construction process to ensure that there was minimal disturbance to the native flora and fauna in the surrounding area.

The finished trail follows the natural contour of the hill, using the smooth turns and vertical differentials to create flow and improve drainage. TrailScapes installed natural looking steps, anchor stones and sign posts at trail junctions, and also constructed armouring through a winter creek area to prevent erosion. Some finer functional touches were also made to the trail, such as utilising rocks excavated during the construction process to create benches as rest areas for trail users.