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Feasibility and Planning

TrailScapes was established in 2007 and has been providing trail auditing, planning design and construction services for government agencies and private landholders ever since.

Recent Projects

Wilabalangaloo Trail Feasibility, Berri, South Australia

Client: Berri Barmera Council Date: Oct - Dec 2019
TrailScapes conducted a feasibility study of the Riverview Drive to Wilabalangaloo Trail concept. The study included detailed trail alignment options, cost estimates, typical design drawings and maintenance schedules.

Glossy Black Reserve Trail Planning, Reedy Creek, Queensland

Client: City of Gold Coast Date: Jun - Aug 2019
TrailScapes planned a trail network based on set criteria by the client. Three options were presented with one selected.  TrailScapes also completed the detailed design for the project. Construction is due to commence mid 2020.

Tanglefoot to Cascades Trail Report, Toolangi State Forest, Victoria

Client: Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Victoria Date: May - Jun 2019
TrailScapes conducted a thorough assessment of the Tanglefoot to Cascades Walking Trail Concept for DELWP, VIC. The work included a detailed field assessment of the proposed trail segments and providing costed solutions and options to…

Haunted Hills Bike Park, Planning and Design, Gippsland, Victoria

Client: Gippsland MTB Club and Latrobe City Council Victoria Date: Jun 2019 - ongoing
TrailScapes has planned and designed a $1 million mountain bike park that includes 13km of trail, pump track, car parks, sign systems, amenities, shelters and BBQs. We are managing the entire approval process including vegetation…

Tomaree Coastal Walk Feasibility Report, New South Wales

Client: NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service Date: Apr - Jun 2019
TrailScapes conducted a thorough assessment of the Tomaree Coastal Walking Trail Concept for NSW National Park and Wildlife Service. The work included a detailed field assessment of the proposed trail segments and provided costed solutions…

Little Islands Trail Design, Streaky Bay, South Australia

Client: District Council of Streaky Bay, South Australia Date: Dec 2018 - Feb 2019
TrailScapes planned and designed a shared-use trail connecting the Streaky Bay Township with Little Islands precinct. The project included working with challenging property boundaries and local stakeholders. The trail was successfully constructed by council staff…

Rosia Park Master Plan, Logan, Queensland

Client: Complete Urban Architects Queensland Date: Dec 2018 - Nov 2019
TrailScapes worked with Complete Urban Architects to design a multi-use trail network for the Rosia Park Master Plan. TrailScapes also provided cycling specific advice on the pump track, velodrome, criterium track and skills park.

Skills Park / Pump Track Concept Plan – Nottingham University, NingBo China

Client: Nottingham University, NingBo China Date: Nov 2016
TrailScapes was engaged to provide designs for a bike skills park and pump track and preliminary construction details and timeframes for the prestigious Nottingham University in NingBo. 

Economic Analysis and Trails Staging Plan, Morawa, Western Australia

Client: Shire of Morawa Date: April - July 2019
TrailScapes collaborated with Hudson Howells to conduct an economic analysis and trails staging plan for the development of a 100km trail network at Koolanooka Hills east of Morawa. The work included community engagement sessions.  The…

Mount Clay Mountain Bike Trail Master Plan, Victoria

Client: Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Victoria Date: Oct 2018
DELWP engaged TrailScapes to work with local and regional FFMV staff as well as local MTB clubs to develop an operationally feasible master plan for the Mount Clay MTB trail network with the major focus…

Burnside Council Trails Strategy, South Australia

Client: Burnside City Council Date: June 2016
This Trail Audit Summary Report identifies the location of the existing trail network, assesses its condition, usage and opportunities for improvement and future development.

Hong Kong Country Parks Trail Assessment, Hong Kong

Client: Hong Kong’s Department of Agriculture, Fishers and Conservation Date: Jul - Sep 2017
Hong Kong’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation contracted to audit a number of Mountain Bike trails to assess their suitability and sustainability, and provide recommendations for improvements and future development. After spending time on…

Dinner Plains MTB Trails Final Design and Trail Construction Plan, Victoria

Client: Alpine Shire Council Date: Dec - Jun 2017
TrailScapes and Birdseye Studios were engaged by Alpine Shire Council to prepare a site-specific Trail Construction Plan for a series of new and realigned trails in Dinner Plain, Victoria. Finalising alignments as well as providing…

Samford Recreation Trail Linkage Feasibility Study, Moreton Bay, Queensland

Client: Moreton Bay Regional Council Date: Feb - Mar 2020
TrailScapes was engaged to assess the feasibility of 3 recreational trail routes connecting two large trail networks in Samford Valley QLD. The work included advising of required trail infrastructure, SWOT analysis and costed options. The…

Mount Remarkable National Park Trail Opportunities, South Australia

Client: Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, South Australia Date: Feb - Aug 2018
TrailScapes was engaged by the Department of Environment, Water & Natural Resources (DEWNR) to deliver a mountain bike trail opportunity report and conceptual alignments of over 100kms of trails for Mt Remarkable National Park. In…