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Our Team

TrailScapes has a team of highly skilled and experienced trail professionals to lead our trail and pump track projects.

TrailScapes Director Garry Patterson takes the lead on all design and construction assignments. Garry travels widely to ensure TrailScapes high standards are maintained across all of our projects. Garry is supported by a strong team of trail and pump track professionals who undertake a wide range of design and management tasks. Our design and management team are based in Adelaide and Sydney and often travel to project sites as required.

TrailScapes’ crew leaders are skilled machinery operators with at least 6 years’ experience in the trails industry. All team members have delivered a number of mountain bike trails and pump track projects to date. Individual CVs provide details of key team members’ experience, along with relevant qualifications, memberships and licences.

Our dedicated trail crews are experienced in working together to deliver all kinds of trails. They are all passionate and highly skilled mountain bike and BMX riders, and several have competed on the world stage. Our team is incredibly skilled in building mountain bike trails with features that flow and allow rider progression.

Senior Management

Garry Patterson

Director / Principal Trail Builder & Designer

Garry is a former National Mountain Bike Champion and a founding member of both the Inside Line MTB Club and Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA). He has been developing and constructing IMBA Standard Mountain Bike trails since 1992 (26 years) and has consequently acquired a wealth of knowledge in sustainable trail design.

Garry was also instrumental in securing Australia’s National Championships for Eagle Mountain Bike Park three years in a row by designing and constructing a world class UCI standard mountain bike race facility.

Imogen Astley-Patterson

Administration Manager

Imogen joined the TrailScapes team in 2022 as she has a huge passion for construction and management. While being employed as the admin manager she is also being trained in project management. You will find her in the office and also on the trails. And yes, the last name is not a coincidence. We are so excited that the apple has not fallen far from the tree with Imogen being Garry’s daughter.

Dan Greenwood

Operations Manager

Dan is based in Sydney and has over 12 years experience in operations and project management. A specialist in business structure and efficiency, Dan has been responsible for a wide range of tasks from delivering multiple new contract startups and leading large teams to delivering exceptional results. Dan also has a strong background in risk management, safety processes and incident investigation. A passionate mountain biker of 15+ years with experience designing and constructing trails in Australia and New Zealand. Dan had contracted to TrailScapes as a Trail Builder and Trail Consultant prior to joining the team on a full-time basis from July 2021.

Mike Brown

Senior Pump Track Manager

Mike joined us with 20 years of bike industry experience. He worked as a certified mountain bike coach and then moved to the trail building industry. With all of Mike’s many years of experience on and off the bike, it’s no wonder our pump tracks are so loved having him leading the teams!