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GuiDe National Geopark DH and 2X courses, Xining, China

Client: GuiDe National Geopark, Guide County, China Date: July - August 2017 Map: Get directions

Our company was contracted to improve and extend a couple of existing trails at Guide National Geopark, 100km from Xining in the province of Qinghai in China in preparation for the 2017 TDRY GuiDe Geo Park International Downhill Race. The race consist of two events raced on separate courses; the Downhill course and the 2X course.

Helped by a translator and a team of local labourers, our Australian team extended a Downhill MTB trail by around 100 metres, added technical features and helped construct new structures in order to improve the flow, add technicality, reduce risk and provide entertainment for spectators.

The 2X track (where only 2 riders battle side-by-side on the same course) now consists of 6 jumps, berms and 2 sets of stairs, providing plenty of thrilling action for riders and spectators alike.

Our company partnered with Sports2Us to promote the event and invite riders from around the globe (with 12 different countries represented) to experience this truly unique, well-run professional event.

Just click here for the race report!

Garry Patterson trail builder in China Guide Geopark DH race
Elliot Smith TrailScapes China DH racing trail builder